Wave Engineering offers a full range of Acoustics, Noise and Vibration consulting and testing services.

Our services include

Architectural acoustics design

Sound isolation, interior and outdoor-to-indoor

  • Predict and Assess Wall and floor-ceiling sound ratings (STC & IIC)

  • Aurora, Colorado Airport Noise Code EWNR calculations

  • Denver, Colorado Airport Noise Code OITC Assessment

  • SCIF room design and sound testing

  • Government facility testing for sensitive, confidential, and classified spaces

Room acoustics

  • Consulting on room shape and finishes, reverberation and noise control

EASE acoustic modeling

  • Electro-acoustic simulation and detailed room acoustics ray-tracing analysis

  • Evaluate speech intelligibility based on STI, %AlCons, T60 and other ISO 3382 measures

  • Create auralizations to evaluate the sound quality of a room before it is built

Speech Privacy

  • Healthcare HIPAA compliance, open plan office acoustic, call centers

  • Electronic sound masking system evaluation and design

HVAC noise and vibration control

  • Vibration isolation and mitigation

  • Predict indoor and outdoor mechanical system noise levels

  • Troubleshoot mechanical HVAC noise problems

  • Indoor and Outdoor Noise Abatement

  • Property line noise assessment

Building Vibration

Environmental Noise Assessment and Testing

Acoustic testing and monitoring services

  • STC – Sound Transmission Class Testing of walls, floors, and doors

  • IIC – Impact Insulation Class Testing of floor-ceilings. Mock-up testing of floor materials and acoustic underlayments.

  • Acoustic Camera investigations. Identify sound leaks and problem noise sources.

  • Unattended long-term environmental noise monitoring. Email and text alerts available.

  • Reverberation (RT60) measurements.

  • Speech privacy measurements.

Expert witness and Forensic engineering services

  • Construction Defects

  • Code Compliance - Testing and Assessment

  • Building Noise and Vibration Problems

Consulting for LEED & CHPS and sustainability programs

  • LEED for Healthcare, LEED for Schools, LEED Pilot Credits, LEED v4 Building Design & Construction (BD&C)

  • ANSI S12.60 – Acoustical Performance Criteria, Design Requirements, and Guidelines for Schools

  • CHPS - Collaborative for High Performance Schools, CHPS-CO

  • WELL Building Standard Acoustics

  • Green Globes Acoustic Comfort

OSHA and MSHA noise assessment and engineering controls