Avoid CrossFit Noise Complaints

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CrossFit Gym Noise

High Impact workouts – such as CrossFit and other high intensity Boot Camp style strength and conditioning programs – are gaining in popularity throughout the country. Neighborhood gyms, which were once quiet retreats where clients worked out independently on treadmills with their headphones on, are now social hubs overflowing with people, activity, and loud music. These modern gyms have become one of the biggest sources of noise complaints we see in retail and multifamily buildings.



Vibration from dropping weights, medicine balls bouncing off of walls, and the bass rumble of the thumping music can travel into adjoining spaces, even from stand-alone facilities. Shouts, clangs and extremely loud rock and hip hop music are the norm. In multi-family buildings, the noise and vibrations can travel long distances and be heard (and sometimes felt) many floors away.

While these workouts are intended to push the limits of the human body, they are also pushing neighbors to the limits of their sanity. We work with gym owners, fitness centers, property managers and tenants, to reduce noise intrusion from gyms, whether it is new construction or an existing facility.

Solving Exercise Noise

Wave Engineering will evaluate your new project and can perform extensive testing and evaluation of existing conditions to give you a realistic picture of the solution, and how much improvement is possible. Sound Isolation can be improved to counteract the effects of loud music and amplified instruction on neighboring tenants. We can evaluate walls, floors and ceilings to determine where money is best spent to reduce sound and vibration.

Don’t be a weakling - let Wave Engineering help you beef up your acoustical strength; contact us today!