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Sound Masking for Speech Privacy

Many open office areas employ sound masking systems to create an even distribution of background noise that is just loud enough to help mask distracting noises (particularly from other conversations) without being loud enough to be a nuisance. The system typically consists of special loudspeakers mounted in or above the ceiling and a head-end unit that generates and shapes the noise. Another useful application of sound masking is to improve speech privacy...

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Beware the Gypsum Association Manual STC Ratings

Do you select Sound Transmission Class ratings from the Gypsum Association Fire Resistance Design Manual? The GA manual contains a lot of good information on fire and sound ratings. The sound ratings, however, must be used carefully. Knowledgeable acoustic consultants do not rely on the GA manual Sound Transmission Class ratings, but use laboratory test reports (multiple reports when available). We may also supplement the lab test reports with field test...

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