PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT: Acoustic Stretch Fabric Systems for Room Absorption


We like to stay on top of new products and innovations and thought it would be a good idea to feature some of them on our blog. Following is the first in our series of product highlights.

Acoustic Stretch Systems

Acoustic stretch systems are fabric or micro-perforated vinyl membranes stretched over plastic or metal frames with sound absorbing or sound blocking material behind. These treatments can cover larger areas with fewer seams than acoustic panels. Custom options can accommodate irregular shaped rooms, including curved walls and domes.

Stretch systems can be an economical way to produce an updated look by covering existing treatments without removing them. Systems can be designed with the sound absorbing material only where needed. The fabric can conceal loudspeakers or hard reflective surfaces so that they are seamlessly integrated with the sound absorbing treatments.

Acoustic stretch systems can accommodate a variety of fabrics to provide many different looks. Some vinyl membranes can be screen-printed and some can be backlit. Panels can be fabricated in geometric shapes, waves and other designs.