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Wave Engineering Presents Noise Impact Study at Watercon 2017

We recently had the pleasure of presenting a paper at Watercon 2017 about the noise impact of the replacement of the ozonation system at a water treatment plant. Jeff Kwolkoski of Wave Engineering, Inc. co-presented with Matt Sokolowski of Carollo Engineers, Inc. The PowerPoint presentation can be viewed at this link.

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PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT: Acoustic Stretch Fabric Systems for Room Absorption

Acoustic stretch systems are fabric or micro-perforated vinyl membranes stretched over plastic or metal frames with sound absorbing or sound blocking material behind. These treatments can cover larger areas with fewer seams than acoustic panels. Custom options can accommodate irregular shaped rooms, including curved walls and domes.

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Shooting Range Acoustic Consulting & Noise Control

Sound transmission from gun ranges has become a growing concern as shooting sports increase in popularity and firing ranges are built in close proximity to retail areas and residential districts. Wave Engineering works with developers, architects, engineers, and city planners to evaluate potential noise concerns from shooting facilities...

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